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“He has been wearing them for 24 hours now and all I can say is WOW! His skin is already so much clearer, he has had a full night’s sleep, and very little scratching this morning. I honestly didn't think I would see the effects so quickly.”
SG Sandhurst


Cut your topical steroid use by 60%!

New study, following patients for 2 years demonstrates long term benefits of DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing.

Managing eczema is often a case of playing “catch up” with the disease. Parents and clinicians are constantly having to adjust medications to suit changes in the progression of eczema and this can be both time consuming and expensive.

Now, a ground-breaking study has been published which demonstrates the long term benefits of a special range of underclothing in controlling both the symptoms and severity of eczema over a 2 year period.

22 children aged between 4 and 13 months of age were enrolled in this long term study. Half received DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing and the other half, cotton underwear similar in design to the DermaSilk.

At the end of the 2 year study the results showed significant differences between the two groups:

Firstly 60% less steroid was used by the patients wearing DermaSilk compared with those wearing cotton. This was statistically significant and the authors linked it to a decrease in eczema flares experienced by the DermaSilk children.

Secondly, 100% of the DermaSilk group expressed satisfaction with the way in which their child’s eczema had been managed over the 2 year period, compared with a 55% dissatisfaction rate in the cotton group. This was especially related to the relief of itch symptoms which is the main cause of discomfort amongst children with eczema. Again, this was a statistically significant difference.

Chris Steeples, Joint Managing Director of Espère Healthcare Ltd, said “This is a remarkable piece of research which not only demonstrates the long term effectiveness of DermaSilk but also shows for the first time the benefits of being able to get ahead of eczema rather than playing catch up. Using DermaSilk on a continuous basis, rather than just when the condition is flaring can lead to a reduction in the actual number of flares and therefore reduce the amount of topical steroid needed to reduce the inflammation caused by the flares. We’ve had anecdotal reports of this from happy customers but this is the first time it has been reported in clinical studies.”

Even a potential treatment failure can be seen in a good light. One patient on DermaSilk failed to complete the study because her parents failed to replace the garments when she grew out of them – after 5 months of continuous usage. Similarly, an analysis of the total number of garments issued to each patient over the duration of the study shows that, on average, each child had one set of replacement garments during the entire 24 months.

These garments really do last as long as we have been telling customers for years!